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Miller & Kriesel Speakers at the Smart Trilogy

Miller and Kriesel speakers are the perfect addition to any home cinema setup. As a leading supplier of Miller & Kriesel speakers, we specialise in building the ultimate home cinemas that provide an outstanding entertainment experience. Our showroom allows you to hear the innovative range of speakers from Miller & Kriesel, who invented the subwoofer. Upgrade your home cinema with Miller & Kriesel for an unrivaled audio experience.

M&K Sound Home Cinema

For more than four decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home theater.

Building on a truly unique heritage and a strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K Sound pledges to continue to offer performance, reliability and value for money that are second to none.

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MK Sound Miller & Kreisel

We’ve been using M&K Sound THX speaker systems on the Star Wars films in both the sound design and picture editing suites. The M&K Sound THX speakers’ accuracy and imaging qualities let us hear all the nuances of dialogue, music and sound effects at every stage of the creative process. This gives us the ability to create the powerful, yet subtle and persuasive soundtracks that are the hallmark of the Star Wars films.

Rick McCallum


Producer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III

MK Sound Loud Speakers
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