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Miller & Kreisel C15 Subwoofer

Miller & Kreisel C15 Subwoofer


In our constant strive to be the BEST “go-to-speakers” for Home Cinema installations we have developed the real NO Compromise Bass machine.

Introducing the C15S Custom Install Subwoofer. Designed for custom installations

Bigger is better when it comes to bass. Falling between the X10 and X12 in total woofer area, the C15S is a no-compromise bass machine.

Designed for behind the screen installations the C15S is only 298mm deep, same as the S150.

Full 1″ MDF cabinet construction with full center brace with additional front to back braces for Ultra-rigid cabinet construction.

Included Bass Brace brackets for bolting down to the floor/stage for safety, security and increased vibration reduction.

Included Stacking Coupler for stacking multiple subwoofer for additional output.

Separate subwoofers and amplifiers increase thermal performance.

External amp – VA500 Blue tuned specifically for the C15S with 3 custom boundary compensation EQ´s.

The C15S builds on the technology of the X-Series and V-Series subwoofers and goes BIG. With output on par with the dual 10” X-10 subwoofer (without the advantages of Push-Pull) in a single driver enclosure, the C15S is designed to enhance custom and large installations.

Utilizing a specially tuned VA-500 amplifier, the entire system was custom designed from the ground up to reproduce the deepest notes at levels loud to be heard and felt.

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