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MK Sound IW150
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Experience the ultimate in Home cinema with MK Sounds IW150 THX loud Speakers

MK Sound IW150 range of cinema speakers

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The range of MK Sound IW150 Cinema Speakers

The range of MK Sounds IW150 Cinema Speakers deliver immersive sound quality, bringing the cinematic experience to your home. With their sleek design and advanced technology, these speakers are perfect for creating a true home cinema atmosphere.

Key Features of the IW150:

  • High Quality Audio reproduction

  • Compact and space saving design

  • Easy installation and set up

  • Compatibility with various audio systems

  • Enhanced surround Sound experience

MK Sound 150 Speaker
MK Sound IW150 LCR Speaker
Miller & Kreisel IW150 LCR Speaker

The MK Sound IW150T Tripole Cinema Surround Speakers

The MK Sound IW150T Cinema Speakers deliver exceptional audio performance, making them the perfect choice for any home cinema setup. With their sleek and elegant design, these speakers not only provide immersive sound but also enhance the aesthetics of your living space

MK Sound IW150T Triple Speaker
IW150 MK Sound Speaker
MK Sound Tripole Speaker

The MK Sound IW150A Cinema Dolby Atmos Speakers

The IW150A. Targeted primarily as a Dolby Atmos-friendly in-ceiling model, it can also be used for other in-wall cinema or multi-room music applications. Its single 15-degree angle-fixed tweeter makes the IW150A ideal for effects-based sound in multi-speaker setups.

The debut of the new 150 member means that, along with the IW28S subwoofer, there is within the 150 Series a complete in-wall/ in-ceiling seamless solution for reference-grade home cinemas.

The Versatile use of the IW150A makes it fit in any position. Turn it – UP, SIDEor DOWN your choice.

MK Sound IW150T Triple Speaker
IW150 MK Sound Speaker
MK Sound Tripole Speaker

Why Choose M&K Sound?

For more than four decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home cinema.

Building on a truly unique heritage and a strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K Sound pledges to continue to offer performance, reliability and value for money that are second to none.

We’ve been using M&K Sound THX speaker systems on the Star Wars films in both the sound design and picture editing suites. The M&K Sound THX speakers’ accuracy and imaging qualities let us hear all the nuances of dialogue, music and sound effects at every stage of the creative process. This gives us the ability to create the powerful, yet subtle and persuasive soundtracks that are the hallmark of the Star Wars films.

Rick McCallum


Producer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III

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