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Best Home Cinema

What Makes the best cinema?

The Smart Trilogy design and build the best home cinemas that money can buy. Our expert Audio Visual sales team are on hand to provide you with the best homes cinema system for your budget. The Smart Trilogy showroom has a number the best home cinema solutions on display at our St Albans showroom in Hertfordshire.

Best Home Cinema Sound

We pride ourselves on having the very finest sound systems available. To have the best home cinema sound you cannot just rely on the speakers alone. The electronic equipment plays an instrumental part in delivering the best home cinema sounds. We offer the Steinway Lyngdorf range of cinema systems. the Steinway audio Systems are a closed circuit of electronics and speakers. When looking for the best home cinema in the world you can't go wrong with a Steinway Lyngdorf Home cinema system

Home Cinema UHD Projectors

No Home Cinema would be complete without a large ultra high definition display. The Smart Trilogy use the finest projector screen material to manufacture our own bespoke home cinema screens. We use the JVC range of projectors to provide our clients with the best possible image. The best home cinemas should be designed as dark as possible to ensure the very best picture.

The Best Home Cinema  Acoustics

The Smart Trilogy Design and install the best home cinema acoustic treatments available.  We use our very own Smart Trilogy secret formula for each of our rooms. This type of design is often missed by multiple contractors working on one installation. Each of our rooms is carefully constructed by our in house team of experts.  Our construction team have years of experience in building the best home cinema rooms.

The Smart Trilogy Install the best home cinemas in Hertfordshire

The Smart Trilogy showroom based in St Albans, Hertfordshire offers a truly unique experience. We combine the very best home cinema design, equipment and construction. Our showroom doesn't just offer home cinema. We also also offer a range of seamless acoustic systems from fabrics to plasters. We also have an in house interior design team that could help integrate the best audio and visual experience throughout your home.

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