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Control4 St Albans
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Control4 Installers in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Control4 Smart Home 

Control4 engineers and manufactures the world’s most advanced control and automation technology. Their extensive product range can be found in luxury homes, corporate offices, classrooms and public sector facilities. Control4 solutions have been shaped over four decades of development and are designed, built and guaranteed to work together as a complete system.


With a growing amount of technology in buildings and homes, the need to centrally control and monitor these products is vital. Whilst today a major change sees all of these technologies on the network, the design and implementation of each piece is usually done independently. Control4's range of solutions integrates all of these disparate channels on a single open platform; allowing them to communicate and work together intelligently, ultimately lowering costs and boosting efficiency.

Control4 perfect for Home Cinema

Today, Control4's solutions are used in a wide range of vertical markets. Residential users can enjoy a simpler life with central control of everything in their homes, from lighting, to entertainment, to security and more. Corporate users can set up the perfect meeting with the touch of a button; saving time and increasing productivity. In mission critical command & control environments, Control4 streamlines AV, collaboration and security; helping government agencies to focus on the objectives at hand.

As a Control4 partner, The Smart Trilogy have access to a comprehensive control and automation product portfolio. We have extensive experience in deploying these solutions in a range of environments and are well placed to discuss your requirements. Our team will be able to advise the best solution which will meet and often exceed your operational objectives.

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