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Home Cinema

Home Cinema Rooms in St Albans, Hertfordshire 

Home Cinema Rooms from St Albans Home Cinema Co.

Your new favourite room, a luxurious home cinema will transport you to another world, fully immersed in the action and adventure.  St Albans Home Cinema Company specialise in complete turn-key rooms, simply provide us an empty room and we will create your dream cinema.


We believe that the experience in your beautiful Home Cinema begins the moment you enter the room. Our design process is split into 2 separate parts, the Technical Design and the Interior Design.

During our first meeting, we will ask some questions in order to understand how you will use the room. This will include questions about what you will watch and who will be with you. Our clients often use their rooms for Movies, Sporting events, TV Series, Gaming & Music. A room designed 100% for gaming would be very different to a room used 100% for movies, so it’s important to understand the things you like to watch early in the process.


How much Does a St Albans Home Cinema room cost?

The term “Home Cinema” covers a broad range of systems, from low cost Cinema in a Box systems or a Soundbar to a True Cinema Experience. Our typical rooms can better be described as a Cinema at Home, because they have much more in common with a Commercial Cinema or Professional Screening Room than a set of speakers and big TV.

Much like a bespoke Kitchen, the cost of a Cinema room will depend on the size, design and performance objectives. We often think, a kitchen is a suitable comparison. Allocating a similar budget for a complete Home Cinema Room as a new Kitchen, is a simple starting point.

A budget of £20,000 will allow us to produce a high quality surround sound audio system with a big, bright and colourful image from a 4K projector.

As budgets increase, we add interior design, seating, lighting and acoustic treatments, until an equal budget is allocated to the Room and the Audio/Visual system.

With an equal split on the equipment and the room, £40,000 is a would be a sensible budget for a small complete turn-key room, just hand us an empty room and we’ll turn it into a beautiful finished cinema. 

A larger budget helps to create higher performance, or allows us to furnish larger rooms with more seating.

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