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Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions from the Smart Trilogy

The Smart Trilogy have a range of acoustic solutions on display at their St Albans showroom. the showroom was designed with home owners, interior designers and Architects in mind. The systems we offer are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Please read below for an introduction into the systems we offer. 

Acoustic Plaster

Acoustic Plaster Install
Acoustic Plaster room

The BASWA Acoustic Plaster  system is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. As an acoustic plaster solution applied to walls and ceilings, its highly absorbent qualities allow for optimum acoustic control in open plan spaces.

Our Acoustic Plaster System can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings.

Bringing together high-value aesthetics and acoustic performance, the BASWA Acoustic Plaster System is well-suited to a wide-range of developments, from historic buildings to high-end residential, commercial, retail and educational spaces.

By absorbing sound waves, BASWA sound-absorbing plaster system reduces reverberation time, providing the highest level of sound-absorption. In addition, the installation process is quick and easy to install and it does not contain any synthetic materials

Acoustic Stretch Fabrics

Stretch Fabrics
Artois Fabrics

To meet interior design requirements, The Smart Trilogy Stretch Fabric systems offer a set of technical solutions in a wide width (up to 5m: without welds or sewing).

Our Stretch systems are shock and impact resistant but are also perfectly adaptable for wall applications.

They can be installed in few hours in an ambient temperature with no dust.

An easy and fast installation


+ Profile installation to the perimeter of the zone to dress up.
+ Fabric tensioning in the profile thanks to the Install tool.

Acoustic Fabric Step by Step


Acoustic Artois Fabric Prints

Thanks to HD digital printing technologies, your walls and ceilings can be printed with your own pictures (min. quality 360 dpi, 1/10th from the final format). They can be also printed thanks the artolis Editions ®, the largest pictures collection.


artolis® coatings offers no limit of printing possibilities, up to 5m width with no welds.


artolis lumière® printed sheet will let you combine picture and light to create original wall spaces.


A field of expertise is the guarantee of :
    + A quality of picture in million colours
    + A high definition (HD) 720 DPI
    + A very high definition (THD) 1440 DPI
    + Up to 5 m width and up to 50 m length
    + An internal graphic studio
    + A certified process FOGRA ISO 12647 to give you maximum guarantee


A wide collection of pictures is available thanks to exclusive and prestigious partnerships: le Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles)National Museums, le Louvre, Orsay, Versailles...


Designers, photographers and stylists develop every day the artolis® collection.

Acoustic Wood Panels

Acoustic Wood

Smart Trilogy Acoustic Wood Panels were created to improve people's favourite rooms. If you have ever been in a room with bad acoustics, you know the problem - bad acoustics can drive you crazy!

But now you can do something about it and improve the overall appearance of your room at the same time.
Imagine a slatted wall on a front wall in your living room or on your ceiling. Not only would it absorb sound - it would certainly bring you a steady stream of compliments from everyone who sees it.

Our panels measure 2400 x 600 mm and consists of slats 11 mm deep and 27 mm wide, with a 13 mm gap between them. The slats are mounted on a base of acoustic felt. The newly developed acoustic felt is made of recycled material and is 9 mm thick. The panel is 22 mm thick in total, including the slats and the felt.

Acoustic Moss Wall

Acoustic Moss wall
Moss Wall

Smart Trilogy sound dampening moss walls are a beautiful and cost-effective way to improve  acoustics. In fact, exceptional sound absorption is one of the many benefits of our preserved moss green walls. Bring the benefits of nature to commercial interiors with these custom works of art.

Along with exposure to natural light, acoustic comfort is integral to our well-being.. Open-space environments promote collaboration and creativity, but often at the cost of privacy. The use of sound-absorbing materials in the home or office can significantly reduce background noise, helping to improve both relaxation & concentration levels.

Our acoustic moss walls are mounted on ezoBord backing panels, which absorb sound from a wide range of frequencies. Made from 100% polyester and recycled PET fiber, these panels provide superior acoustical dampening.

Featuring a high sound absorption value of .70 our panels are fully custom, handmade designs. Add visual interest and enhanced acoustic comfort to any interior space with preserved natural moss-- that is virtually maintenance-free

Please feel free to pop into our St Albans showroom to discuss our acoustic options in further detail

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