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Acoustic Wood Panels


Acoustic Wood for walls

Smart Trilogy manufacture acoustic wooden slat wall panels to bring the beauty and calming essence of nature to your home or workplace. We oversee each area of production, from selecting the standing trees, right through to the distribution of the end product ensuring only the highest quality products are made for our clients.

Each member of our team has a passion not only for the finished products we sell but also for the raw beauty of wood. Helping to refine natures charm, bringing a calming, quiet, Scandinavian feel to almost any space.

Our customer base ranges from individual clients who would like to create a feature wall in their home, through to businesses who need to reduce the acoustics in a commercial environment, to large public projects.

Primarily used in commercial spaces, our acoustic panels provide excellent sound reduction. Due to their warm soft aesthetics, more and more private clients are choosing them for their own residences.

Throughout the production process, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Our eco-sustainable approach means we produce all our products using sustainable or recycled materials.

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Wood has got different functions in the interior. It adds a warming, raw and rustic look that blends well with the minimalist décor. Aside from the practical and visual benefits you will add extra details which create a finished look. The wooden panels will add a whole new and innovative element to your home or workplace that blends well but still maintains a sophisticated and sharp look.



In a room where the acoustics are not as they should be, it will be beneficial to implement acoustic panels for walls. A room with bare walls and high ceilings will often have poor acoustics. The acoustics are an important part of a good and healthy indoor climate. The wooden acoustic panels will break the sound waves and absorb them to prevent the sound waves from being reflected further into the room. In addition, the panels will not occupy unnecessary space on the wall, but they will look contemporary and will become a central part of the interior. 

You will find a range of different finishes below. Alternatively pop into our showroom for a closer look. Hopefully you can find wooden panels that meet your wishes and preferences. If you are more into the darker tree that creates an intensity and depth in your home, you can find it right here. On the other hand, if you are not looking to create further contrast you can invest in one of our brighter alternatives. It’s all up to you.



The world we live in today is burdened and we need to change that. It starts with the choice of sustainable products. Quiet Interiors offer you wooden acoustic panels manufactured with sustainable materials. All our wood comes from sustainable forestry, which ensures that no more trees are felled than planted. In addition, good working conditions for the workers and the protection of wildlife are ensured.

When you choose our wooden panels, you will be able to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones with good conscience and take a step closer to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Please contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries.

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