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Acoustic Plaster

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BASWA Acoustic Plaster

The Smart Trilogy reduce and control the reverberation times in rooms, large spaces and entire buildings using acoustic plaster. The optimum management of the reverberation times results in the creation of a pleasant acoustic room climate. Thanks to the significant reduction of annoying background noises caused by unnerving reverberation, the level of concentration and wellbeing improves accordingly.

In contrast, sound-absorbing plaster surfaces destroy a great part of the acoustic energy occurring and, thereby, permit the original source of sound to emerge clearly: noises are effortlessly differentiated, the spoken word is easily understood. For this reason, many countries progressively provide a restriction of reverberation in their legislation, above all in public areas. Also in housing construction, control of reverberation is becoming increasingly more significant.


Often, the restriction of reverberation is included in the design concept of architects (perforated panels, perforated surfaces, industrial prefabricated elements etc.). In contrast, the BASWA acoustic plaster technology is adaptable (in its surface structure, colouring, shape), so that it can be included in esthetical concepts with no problem – BASWA acoustic plaster surfaces are optically not regarded as acoustic surfaces.

BASWA Versatility
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Seamless acoustical plasters

With its discrete solution for acoustics, BASWA acoustic plaster provides a tangible level of comfort — and valuable acoustic well-being.

That is why they have been creating innovative and versatile acoustic systems for ceilings and walls for almost 30 years. BASWA surfaces not only provide pleasant ambient sound, they also bring sophisticated architectural concepts to fruition with seamless characteristics. This combination of aesthetics and quality of life leads to more perceptible Healthy Architecture. That is why architects worldwide use BASWA solutions — in family homes as well as in school buildings, restaurants and famous museums.


Carefully Selected Raw Materials


Materials Matter

The original, most specified sound absorbing plaster system, for 25 years. BASWA acoustic provides customers with premium materials backed by consistent, reliable service. BASWA Phon durable marble finishes seamlessly integrate into your design. Comfort and aesthetics combined to create an optimal acoustic environment.

Acoustic Plaster Solution

This seamless Acoustic plaster solution from Quiet Interiors integrates into the architecture without compromise. The variety of solutions and adaptability enable optimal coordination of the acoustic surfaces with the architectural concept, reinforcing their validity.

Quiet Interiors believe the customer should determine the properties of the system, and never have to do without the functional basic properties of the surfaces. We have formulated the technology so that it can be incorporated into the planning process and thus become an integral part of the project.

Acoustic Plaster Technology
Acoustic Plaster curves

The extraordinarily fine and smooth groove-free surfaces of our acoustic plaster and thermal-acoustic plaster systems create a room climate that is very pleasant in terms of both, aesthetics and acoustics. Consequently, they offer a very broad application spectrum: in private residential spaces, large halls and public buildings.

Under certain conditions, BASWA acoustic AG will also review and approve the possibility of using its products in outdoor areas. The treatment of the undersides of balconies, for instance, prevents outdoor noise emissions into the living spaces by stopping the reflection on balcony undersides.

The BASWA Natural acoustic plaster panel consists of purely natural and sustainable components. BASWA Natural does not contain any harmful ingredients and has an excellent ecological balance. With acoustic panels made of natural fibres and an open-pored pre-coating of recycled glass granulate, BASWA Natural combines sustainability with excellent sound absorption.

BASWA Natural Acoustic Panel

For the creation of coloured acoustic surfaces, the BASWA coating masses are custom-dyed at the plant as ordered. The BASWA acoustic AG lab determines the colour recipes from scratch for each new colour. Given the specific properties of porous surfaces, each colour recipe is visually compared with the original sample. The pigmenting products are mixed into the coating masses; no further additives are used. Subsequently, the dyed coating masses are processed at the construction site. BASWA coating masses can be custom dyed in almost all hues available.  

Acoustic Plaster Scientifically Proven to Outperform

The highest sound absorption confirmed by certified third party labs testing.

The BASWA acoustical plaster systems consist of microscopically porous surfaces applied onto a mineral wool panel designed to capture heat energy generated by high and low frequency sound energy colliding with the panel’s surface.

30mm NRC Rating

40mm NRC Rating

70mm NRC Rating

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