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The Smart Trilogy media rooms

Media Rooms

Media Rooms from The Smart Trilogy

Often the biggest difference between a multi-use room and a dedicated Home Cinema is the use of a flat screen TV. This could be a large screen TV on its own, or a TV in addition to a motorized Projector screen, giving a different experience for different content.

Watching Wimbledon with friends on a midsummer afternoon, use the TV, but when its movie time a larger hidden projection screen appears at the touch of a button to deliver the Cinema Experience in your sitting room, or even open plan day room.

All Smart Trilogy rooms are designed to match your requirements, taking the room and use into account. Many of the best systems we’ve built are multi-use, with careful product specification its possible to make the AV Equipment completely disappear from sight while delivering the same Audio and Video Performance. 

Projector and screen can both be motorised and hidden in the ceiling, while speakers can be colour matched, hidden behind fabric panels or even completely plastered into the walls for a totally invisible system.

Media Room
Media Rooms

How much Does a Smart Trilogy media room cost?

Room size, performance and interior design will all affect the cost of a Media Room AV System. There may be some additional cost involved in hiding equipment, for example a motorised Projector Lift could cost £1000-3000, while a motorised Projector screen is usually £500-1000 more expensive than a permanent fixed frame screen of the same quality.

With a Flat Screen TV, Projector, Screen and a Surround Sound audio System, a £20,000 budget is realistic to provide a high quality performance. Interior design elements such as a bespoke media wall, seating, acoustic treatment and lighting will require additional budget, in line with the rest of your home.

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